Fantasy & Science-Fiction Books

Best-selling author T C Southwell loves to write books. Fantasy and sci-fi are her favourite genres, and often she combines the two, as you’ll see in The Cyber Chronicles, Demon Lord and Broken World series, while Slave Empire is space opera, a more epic sci-fi romance. For this author, writing is as easy as reading, since the stories flow out of her without effort, and she doesn’t know what’s going to happen in the next paragraph, never mind the next chapter!

In her stories, heroes aren’t always tough guys who kick butt or save worlds. Sometimes, he’s a confused cyborg who is trying to discover how to be human, whilst saving the girl he loves, in Cyber Chronicles. In Demon Lord, he's a young man who was raised by an evil god and sent to destroy a world. In The Queen’s Blade, he's a sociopath assassin whose gentle nature has been destroyed by torture and grief. Her heroines are equally strange, from a human girl stolen by a galactic empire to save their planet to a peasant girl whose love for an alien creature may save her race from annihilation.

Her worlds spring from wherever her stories originate fully formed, and include a dangerous zone where slices of alternate realities converge, and strange lands where killing is forbidden and suffering is unknown. Discover one or more of her fantastic worlds, and be swept away by a fast-paced story that won’t let go of your imagination once you start reading. Beware, reading these books often results in severe sleep deprivation!

There’s always a thread of romance that leads to a love story, but that’s only a small part of the tale. They will, however, appeal to romantics, young and old alike, who enjoy the ups and downs, trials and tribulations and grief and joy of characters whose circumstances, abilities or nature make a happy ending seemingly impossible. Be swept away by the fantasy when you start reading a free T C Southwell e-book!