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Book IV - Sacred Knight of the Veil

A royal hostage and a headstrong young queen could make the streets of Jondar run with blood, and only the Queen’s Blade can save them both.

Fifteen years have passed since Blade vanished, and plotting Cotti princes threaten the peace of the three kingdoms again. Prince Trelath has kidnapped Minna-Satu, and threatens to kill her unless the Jashimari Regent, Chiana, allows Prince Endor to visit Kerrion’s daughter, but Chiana knows that this is a ruse to capture the young Queen and take her power.

Only the Queen’s Blade, Lord Protector of Jashimari, can overrule the Queen in times of crisis, and has the power, and audacity, to control the high-spirited girl and save her from her naïveté. First, Chiana must find a man who does not want to be found, and who is a master of disguise. He is also most likely to be found lying drunk in a gutter. Nevertheless, he is Kerra’s only hope of escaping her plotting half-uncles.

In order to evade Endor’s soldiers and leave Jondar with the girl, Blade must take up the office he scorns and become a sacred Knight of the Veil. However, a bargain with the Idol of the Beasts sends him into the desert on a seemingly impossible quest that will bring him a mighty reward... if he succeeds.

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