T C Southwell Books

Book V - Master of the Dance

Blade returns Minna-Satu to Kerrion in Jadaya and assassinates Prince Trelath at Minna’s behest, framing Kerrion’s youngest half-brother, Dravis, for the crime, since Dravis was also part of the plot. Dravis has Blade kidnapped and tries to force the assassin to name Kerrion as his employer at his trial. Blade is condemned to death for killing Prince Ronan sixteen years before, but he vanishes from the rack in the executioner’s courtyard.

Prince Dravis hires the Jadayan Master of the Dance to kill Blade, and the Cotti assassin tries to prove his prowess by doing so in an armed Dance of Death. Blade returns to Jashimari to discover that Prince Endor has fled to Contara and slain Chiana’s familiar, and his wife lies in a death sleep. Chiana’s advisors have made Blade Regent in his absence, since, as the Lord Protector of Jashimari, only he has the rank to take up the Regent’s office until his wife recovers. Chiana, however, has no wish to live without her familiar when she awakens.

In order to save her, Blade is forced to speak the words he has sworn never to utter, and Chiana does not know whether they are true or not. She accepts them, however, since she craves his affection so much. As soon as she recovers, Blade sets off for Contara to kill Endor. Two of his apprentices, whom Chiana hired to kill the Cotti Prince, have failed, but the Queen’s Blade never fails, although this time the task seems impossible…

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