T C Southwell Books

Slave Empire II - The Crystal Ship

A deadly envoy, a human girl, a crystal ship and an inevitable fate...

Rayne dreads the coming of the Crystal Ship and the legendary monster it bears. An Envoy has been to this universe before and destroyed a world, an event almost lost in the mists of time. One man remembers it, however, whose life was changed forever when the first Envoy destroyed his home world. He went on to build the Slave Empire on blood and tears, and changed the fate of millions.

The Shrike is the only one who can help Rayne defeat the Envoy and fulfil the prophecy, a seemingly impossible task, even with the guidance of the ancient and powerful black ship. The Atlantean Empire has condemned the Shrike to death for his crimes, and he is also an enemy of the Drayconar Empire, which hunts Rayne, determined to prevent the prophecy of the Golden Child from coming true.

Rayne obeys her guide and seeks out the Shrike to ask for his aid, but he is not easily found, and he frightens as well as fascinates her. She longs to learn his secrets and see the face he hides behind his mask, but she knows she is playing with fire. No one who has ever seen it has lived to tell the tale. He has saved her from the Draycons twice, and her guide is certain that he is her guardian, but the Atlanteans will do their utmost to capture or kill him if they can, and then she will fail and Atlan will be destroyed.

The battle to protect her will bring three empires to the brink of war.

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