T C Southwell Books

Demon Lord II - Dark God

The Black Lord is risen and the Overworld doomed unless the Demon Lord saves it…

After he breaks the Seventh Ward, Bane is too weak and ill to use the dark power. Mirra convinces him to go with her to the Lady's Temple so he can be healed. Bane is lost and alone as never before, outcast from the world that raised him and hated in the Land of Light.

Elder Mother Ellese despairs of persuading him to try to save the Overworld, for he has no reason to risk his life to do so. Bane is the Overworld’s only hope, but he refuses to undergo the ritual that will strip him of his power and goes to face Arkonen, bent on vengeance.

Mirra follows him into the darkness once more and pays the ultimate price. Bane discovers sorrow, and, in his torment, threatens to destroy the Overworld unless the goddess returns the young healer to him.

The Demon Lord swears to save the Overworld in return for Mirra's life, but a mortal man who is little more than a boy cannot hope to defeat a dark god whose form is made from shadows and whose power is limitless...

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