T C Southwell Books

About Fantasy

It’s hard for me to choose my favourite genre: fantasy or science-fiction, but perhaps fantasy comes out just a little bit on top. Luckily for me, many of my series contain elements of both, so I get the best of both worlds. My fantasy stories are always high fantasy, where everything about the worlds, and the animals, people and magic in them, comes from wherever the story itself comes from, and for me writing is a journey of discovery.

An important element of writing about a fantasy world, and especially the magic in it, is to stick to the basic rules or guidelines. I never change the way things work in order to get characters out of a sticky situation. It’s fine to have a magic-user who evolves, however, and his magic, or powers, along with him, as happens in Demon Lord, where a young mortal god discovers his inborn abilities and his powers increase as he matures, but his weaknesses never change.

For me, writing fantasy is a way of escaping the everyday world and having wonderful adventures in magical lands, as it is for fantasy readers. I have always been an avid fantasy and science-fiction reader, and still am, although these days I don’t have time for it, sadly. I think the experience is even better for a writer, though, since the worlds and the adventures that happen in them spring from the writer’s imagination, or, in my case, whatever strange and mystical place the stories come from.

I also love romance, and have always found this element lacking, or underdone, in the fantasy books I’ve read in the past. Therefore, I tend to follow the romances in the stories that come to me, making them the main plots instead of the subplots.