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T C Southwell has decided to make her books available to the public directly in order to cut down on publishing expenses. With mainstream publishing, the author rarely receives more than 10% of the revenue his or her books generate, while the rest is divided up between the publisher and the bookshops. In the past, the publisher footed the bill for editing, layout, cover design, marketing and printing, but these days, with e-book software and the internet, a worldwide audience is at an author’s fingertips.

Traditionally, middlemen always make the most profit, while the author does most of the work and the public pays through the nose. Therefore, T C Southwell, who is by nature an entrepreneur, has opted to take the e-book route. This means more profit for the twenty years of work she’s put into her books, and a vast saving for the buyers.

In order to gain a wider audience, T C Southwell is giving awaythe first book of each of her fantasy series. This means you can be sure that you’re going to enjoy the rest of the series, some of which comprise eight or nine books.

Free editions of part one of the first book of each series are available at Smashwords. Download yours today!

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