T C Southwell Books


Here are some of the frequently asked questions T C Southwell receives, and her answers.

Q: When will your next book be released?

A: I am usually writing the next book in one of my series. As soon as it's edited and a cover created, it will be available on Smashwords and Amazon. Then it takes a few days before it is available on iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo and the rest of the retailers. I shall e-mail anyone who has enquired about it, and also post the news on my blog, my site, Twitter and my Facebook page as well as sending out a press release.

Q: Are you going to write more books in the Slave Empire, Queen's Blade, Cyber Chronicles, Broken World and Demon Lord series?

A: Yes, I plan to write more books in all my series, until the stories reach their ultimate conclusions. When that happens, I'll announce it on all my social media outlets.

Q: Who is your favourite hero?

A: I would have to choose Blade, as my most complex and oddly endearing hero, with Sabre a close second followed by Bane, Chanter and Tarke, although I love them all.

Q: Who is your favourite heroine?

A: I think Tassin, simply because she's a kick-arse kind of girl, even though most will find her irritating at first. Mirra comes in a close second, with Rayne, Talsy and Chiana after them.