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Apple iBooks Store Series-starter Promo

Four of my free series-starter books, The Queen's Blade, Children of Another God – The Broken World, Demon Lord, and Queen of Arlin – The Cyber Chronicles, are featured on the 'First in a Series: Free' feature that the Australian/New Zealand iBooks Store launched on the 4th of March. I love Apple! The iBooks Store is constantly coming up with new ways to promote indie authors. It’s such a rush for a relatively unknown indie author like me to see my books touted at a huge worldwide retailer like Apple.

Here's the link, if you want to check it out: http://bit.ly/1hlzFRW


Big Apple Promotion for The Queen's Blade

Fantastic news! Apple’s Australia/New Zealand merchandising team has done it again! It has included The Queen’s Blade in a front page – at the top of the page – promotion featuring emerging fantasy authors. I'm one of only ten authors to be featured and four of the others are Smashwords authors! The other featured Smashwords authors are James Maxwell, Dionne Lister and Joseph Lallo. Congrats to all of them!

The promotion started earlier today in Apple’s Australia and New Zealand stores and runs two weeks. Check out the promo (the feature opens in iTunes) here.

A little while ago Mark Coker (founder of Smashwords) blogged about the promotion at

This is so amazing. I’m overjoyed to receive this kind of promotion from a huge online vendor like Apple iBookstore. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: I love Apple! It is without a doubt the most progressive of all the major online retailers, taking the initiative when it comes to promoting indie authors and thereby broadening the range of e-books for readers the world over. Thank you Apple!

Free series-starter books at Apple Australia and New Zealand iBooks Stores

Apple Australia and New Zealand iBooks Stores are currently promoting three of my fantasy and science-fiction series-starter e-books in a campaign for free bestsellers and series starters; all available as free downloads on the links below. The books might even be featured in both categories. The promotion is set to run until June 11. Apple has surpassed my wildest hopes and dreams when it comes to promoting my books at the iBookstore, and the Australia store is second only to the US.

Thank you Apple! Thank you also to Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords.com, for recommending the books to the Apple promotion team, and I'm not forgetting my fans, whose wonderful reviews and lovely comments drew attention to the books as well, and made this amazing event possible! I am forever in your debt! I hope everyone who downloads the free books enjoys them. Happy reading!

iBooks International Multi-author Box Set Promotion

iBooks has gone and done it again, with a month-long international promotion of about 100 multi-author box set books for only 99c! I love the iBooks Store! I was invited to take part in this promo, and of course I seized the opportunity. I teamed up with talented fantasy author Vanessa Finaughty to make Doorway to Destiny (A Thirteen-Book Fantasy and Science Fiction Adventure Box Set). It comprises four of my series starters and the second book in each series: Demon Lord, The Queen’s Blade, The Cyber Chronicles and The Broken World. Vanessa Finaughty contributed her Legends of Origin trilogy and two anthologies: Dragon Kin & other fantasy stories and Sorcery & Subterfuge. iBooks readers are double blessed, as the new iOS8 operating system, launched on September 19, comes with the iBooks app pre-bundled.

The box sets are on promotion between September 18 and October 14, and 40 of the books came from Smashwords. Congratulations to all my fellow authors whose books made it into the promotion! Thank you Mark Coker, Smashwords and iBooks for having the foresight to promote indie authors! I’m blown away by all the opportunities they give me.