T C Southwell Books

Demon Lord III - Grey God

If he’s prepared to wield the dark power again, Bane could free an enslaved light goddess.

Kayos, a Grey God from before The Times of Reckoning, is Lyriasharin's father and creator of the domain of Myrthran. He is the eldest of the seven Grey Gods who also created the God Realm in the Beginning Times. When Kayos returns after a thousand years, he discovers Bane dwelling in his world, and that he is tar’merin. This means that he is immune to the dark power's influence and therefore incorruptible. It does, however, still affect his moods and outlook, stealing his sympathy and trying to force its malevolence upon him.

Kayos has found his granddaughter, Ashinaria, enslaved by a dark god in a distant domain that he forced her to create. Lyriasharin begs Bane to travel there with her father and rescue the young light goddess.

The Demon Lord, however, has no wish to take up the hated dark power again, or venture into the trackless and dangerous God Realm, but if he refuses, Ashinaria may die…

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