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It's probably every girl's – and a lot of women's – dream, to meet a Hollywood superstar who falls in love with her, but could you trust a man who can have any woman he wants – and probably does? This is Carrin York's problem when, as a young playwright, she's invited to spend a week as the guest of a major 'A' list star. Obviously she’s thrilled, since he is, naturally, her idol, and she wrote the screenplay for him. The problem is, beautiful women surround him, and how can she compete when she’s just a farm girl from South Africa?

To add to her dilemma, he appears to be quite down-to-earth and pleasant, when she expected him to be an arrogant bastard. That was part of her plan to meet him, and thereby dispel her romantic fixation. Unfortunately, being in his company has the opposite effect, and only adds to her feelings. Still, Carrin is a strong-willed girl, and is determined not to allow Mark Lord – superstar! – to add her to his undoubtedly already lengthy string of conquests. His apparent humbleness and quiet manner don’t fool her – oh, no, she’s got him pegged, and he’s not pulling the wool over her eyes.

What will it take to convince her otherwise? A lot, as it turns out, but you’ll have to read the book - Superstar.