T C Southwell Books

The Queen's Blade Prequel II - God Touched

An elder assassin takes Conash in and trains him in the trade, unaware that the dangerous sociopathic youth will become the greatest Master of the Dance ever, and deadliest assassin in Jashimari. His trade name is Blade, and his extreme youth makes finding employment difficult. He has overcome this drawback, however, and his status gains him much work and the most dangerous assignments.

When Blade is beaten almost to death, a broken-nosed whore named Lilu saves him and nurses him back to health, starting a strange relationship that will endure all through Blade’s career and beyond. Lilu loves the assassin, despite his cold heart and scathing tongue, and her love and aid earn his protection, even though he will never admit to helping her.

Blade struggles to come to terms with being a eunuch, but uses it to his advantage as an assassin, succeeding at seemingly impossible assignments and earning two more titles; the Invisible Assassin and the Silent Slayer. Even though he seeks death’s release so he can be with his familiar again, a destiny awaits Blade, for which he must survive, and therein lies the strangeness of one who is God Touched.

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