T C Southwell Books

Readers' Comments

Deb Stephenson

OMG, sooo tired, no sleep but couldn't put Dark Domain down and reached the end too soon:(How do you do it TC?) they're so good I read them too fast and then have to wait for the next one - I'm starting over again and going to TRY to make them last this time!

I've already reached the end of each series, and want more of all of them - sometimes it feels like an addiction!! Reminder to self - put the kindle down...now!

I read all sorts, but no-one seems to be able to match TC with inspiring empathy in the characters, whether they're good or bad (or a bit of both!). They're all page turners - or would be if I had pages to turn :)

Jenny Allison

Sometimes I'm so engrossed I read too fast and an compelled to go back a couple of pages to make sure I don't miss anything!!!! I'm currently doing a book a day but dreading coming to the end of each series of books.

The highs and lows just keep the old ticker going.... I've never read an author's work where I was literally on the edge of my seat!

Andrea South Jackson

Riveting, Breath taking, Outstanding :)

Joel Phoenix

I cannot describe to you in words how much I enjoyed The Queen's Blade series and it's prequels! I wrote the best review I could on the Apple store for it, recommending it to others and trying to express to them how incredible the journey was. I admit that when I saw the first book in the book of the week section of the Apple Bookstore, I was a more than a little skeptical as to whether I would enjoy it. The blurb sounded interesting enough for me to download it however part of me was expecting (foolishly) that it would be a book full of clichés and a predictable story line which would end with me deleting it by the second chapter... I could not have been farther from the truth.

As the story progressed, I found myself becoming more and more engrossed in a book that captivated me on every page. There were times when I held my breath, times where I chuckled away and times that I found myself imagining what kind of nightmare patient Blade would be for a psychologist. As a very people-oriented person, I love complex characters and I instinctively try to understand and get to know them and the first book left me continually trying to get closer to the characters. I loved the wisdom of the Queen and her fiery determination, the unrequited love of Chiana for Blade that is so plain to everyone but him, and most of all, I couldnt help but love everything about Blade. As I reached the second last page of the book, I was filled with sadness as I realised that the adventure was about to be over. You cannot imagine how delighted i was to find out that there were another five books waiting to be read! I came home the next day, put a gift card into my iTunes account and downloaded them all. For the next week or so, I spent almost every free moment I had outside of Uni and in my Uni breaks reading them. My thrill was only heightened when, after finishing those five books, i found that there were two more prequels! The quality of every book was terrific. Some books I have read previously build up the tension and the solve it all in a single page, leaving me feeling annoyed and cheated by the deus ex machina the author pulled out of nowhere. Your series is one of the only ones I have come across that constantly left me thinking: "There is no way out of this, how can there possibly be another book?" only to prove me wrong in ways that were both a thrill to read, and still completely believable. Not only were they believable, but there were consequences for the characters' actions that remained throughout the rest of the books and the smaller problems sometimes took chapters to overcome. This left me full of suspense at appropriate times and then allowed me to feel the relief of the characters when the trial or problems were overcome which is immensely satisfying in my opinion. I saw on your website that you've been described as a "channeler" of characters and I can completely believe it! They flow so elegantly and they have such diverse personalities that I lost track of time some days, simply thinking about the characters while on a bus or waiting for a lecture at Uni. I probably sound like a broken record in this email but I don't think i can fully express enough how captivating this series was.

From a very young age, I have always loved reading. Most of my free time in primary school was spent reading and for the first three years of high school, I was an extemely avid reader. Unfortunately, due to a number of circumstances in life, as well as the increasing workload preparing for the last two years of high school (Which here in Australia are the most important two years, as they determine which university you are able to attend.) I stopped reading fiction almost entirely. The only brief books of fiction I read during this time were books that I have read multiple times before and for the most part no longer held any magic for me. Your book has reopened the doors of my imagination and has returned to me my love of fiction and of the magic that comes with it. I apologize if this part of my email is hard to understand, but it's extremely hard for me to express how much reading your books has meant to me. Regardless of how long it has been since I was so hooked into a book or a series, it couldn't change how incredible the series was! All I can really say is that I loved it and I have been telling everyone I know about it. I still cannot believe the series is over and if given the opportunty, i would relive the experience again! This is a series i know i will not grow tired of reading!

I'm sure you must receive a lot of letters and emails from people who love your books but i would just like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing such an amazing series with the world and I wish you every success as your popularity as an author grows! I will definitely be waiting in line if one day I see this great series adapted into a film.