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About Science Fiction

I have written two science-fiction series, the first of which is The Cyber Chronicles, which follows the tale of Tassin, a courageous young queen, and Sabre, a cyborg trying to become human. There are currently 9 books in this series, and I still intend to write many more.

The second is Slave Empire, which details the adventures of Rayne, an Earth girl whose life take an unexpected turn when she becomes a candidate for the title of Golden Child, the one who will defeat the Envoy and save a space-faring empire from annihilation. She is helped by a mysterious masked man, the Shrike, founder and leader of the Slave Empire. The romance really blossoms in book III, and I shall write more in this series, too.

The Cyber Chronicles is cross-genre, and starts off with a bit of magic in it, although that could be explained as mind control or pyrokinesis. So, depending on how you look at it, you could say it is pure sci-fi. I love science-fiction, and the whole idea of exploring the galaxy in faster than light ships, although the physics of such an endeavour is impossible.

I have, however, tried to apply the well-known rules that we know of, such as sound and shockwaves – other than gravity – don’t travel in a vacuum, and if you’re going thousands of times the speed of light, as you would have to in order to travel across the vast expanses of space in hours, days or weeks as opposed to hundreds of years, you would also have to spend a great deal of time in deceleration or end up as a red smear on the inside of the front of the ship.