T C Southwell Books

The Broken World Book Four - The Staff of Law

Talsy and Chanter return to the peaceful vale, where she gives birth to his son – a creature of the chaos. Travain has stunted Mujar powers and a Trueman personality, making him dangerous and unpredictable, and he is also angry at his father’s apparent neglect. Mujar, however, do not care for their children, who are born fully formed and independent. Travain grows quickly, and is everything Chanter warned Talsy he might be.

Chanter finds the last piece of the broken Staff of Law and makes it whole, but the laws are still lost. His first son is born on the eastern continent they left behind so long ago, but he is blinded by strange golden lights in his mind. He names himself Law, and finds shelter in a hive of semi-ants.

The next generation are manants, and attack him, forcing Law to flee into the chaos. In his search for shelter, he travels to the western continent, where Truemen capture him. The wind informs Chanter of his plight, and Talsy insists that they save him. That means venturing into the chaos once more, and now it is far worse than it was before.

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