T C Southwell Books

The Cyber Chronicles III - The Core

Sabre’s time is running out, for the spacer who loaned him to the Queen will return for him within a year. Omega Five is a restricted world, and a cyber should never have been brought here. He has discovered a cache of modern weapons in a ruined pre-holocaust city on the far side of the Badlands, which will prevent the kings from capturing Tassin.

In order to ensure the safety of Tassin's kingdom, which Death Zone monsters have been ravaging for decades, he decides to complete the cyber’s original mission and destroy the Zone. To do that, he must travel to its source: the Core, something so powerful that it bends space and time and draws slices of other worlds into its sphere of influence.

Sabre doubts that he will survive the encounter, but death will be better than being returned to the horror of cyber control. He intends to take Tassin to her kingdom and install the lasers in her castle, then return to destroy the Core.

Tassin, however, insists on coming with him, along with the mutant girl who has befriended them and the donkey cart he needs to transport the weapons to Arlin. Thus burdened, Sabre heads towards the Core, where the Flux-realities sweep through mere minutes apart and mutated monsters appear out of thin air to protect it.

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