T C Southwell Books

Demon Lord IX - The Forgotten Lands

The Demon Lord has travelled far across the God Realm to free the Fallen Goddess, and now he faces his greatest challenge. The demon gods are a considerable nuisance on the voyage, and a new factor makes Bane even warier of pitfalls, but no one foresees the danger that waits. In order to free Kayos’ granddaughter, Ashynaria, Bane must avoid detection or risk a confrontation. Without her co-operation, however, the plan will go horribly wrong.

The dark god Telvaron is ancient and wise, and poses a dire threat, as Kayos warned. Some of his worst fears are realised, and a few he failed to predict. Bane is betrayed and flung into the last place in the God Realm anyone would wish to go; a place the Grey Gods have tried to forget, without success, despite naming them the Forgotten Lands.

Injured and crippled by the celestial metal, adamante, Bane is alone, save for Majelin, the only one able to follow him. To escape the dangers of the hostile and unpredictable region, they take what appears to be the only quick route out that may find help, but it brings them to the ancient, accursed city of Naskara, where even greater perils await.